About Local Jam:

From the beginning, Local Jam has been a labour of love.

Local Jam was the brainchild of Aaron Seibert (Jack + Jill) and William Monroe (Suite Vibes) back in 2014. Members of the local community and music scene for many years, Aaron and Bill wanted to give the valley something amazing, something musical, and something on a grander scale. They thought, having had other large festival "Jam" events as a staple in the valley in years past, a Local Jam should certainly be on the horizon. After many moons of planning, paperwork, and perseverance, the first Local Jam was formed in 2015 at Sweet River Gardens.

Humble beginnings in an epic location, bringing together a variety of all local artists and vendors, Local Jam 2015 was a major success. Local Jam was born. Local Jam was alive! The following year, 20-sweet-16, brought in even more organization - bringing in almost 30 bands, more vendors, a beer garden, and a grub truck. 

Since then GJLJ 2017 is all grown up and sitting pretty this year at Edgewater Brewery! With over 30 bands, two stages, and a fabulous venue, this will prove to be the best year yet!

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